Grammatical Framework version 3.3

The GF developers are pleased to announce the release of GF version 3.3.

New in this release:

  • Source language extension: it is now possible to override the oper definitions in an interface, by using the header syntax instance Foo of Bar - [f,g,h].
  • New functionalities in GF shell commands (more information with help command-name).
    • aw = align_words option -giza prints word alignments in Giza++ format.
    • i = import now recognizes changes in abstract syntax without the need of empty.
    • pg = print_grammar option -lexc prints lexicon in Xerox LEXC format.
    • ps = put_string now has flags for reading transliteration rules from a user-provided file.
    • r = reload repeats the latest instance of import.
    • sd = show_dependencies shows all dependencies of a constant, and optionally their code sizes.
    • so = show_operations shows the oper's in scope, optionally restricted to a value type.
    • ss = show_source shows source code, or optionally just function headers or source code sizes.

  • Haskell output as Generalized Algebraic Datatypes: gf -make -output-format=haskell --haskell=gadt
  • gf -server replaces pgf-http and makes it easy to test the minibar and the web-based grammar editor.
  • Faster grammar compilation (also included in the GF 3.2.9 source-only snapshot).

Packages with binaries for various platforms, and source packages, can be downloaded from

Additional information is available from the GF homepage at

-- The GF developers through Thomas Hallgren