Think about some video lectures

I have been reminded today that we have a couple of livestream channels for the project. This means that if you ever wish to record and stream some lecture on the MOLTO tools and research, it can be broadcasted live on the channel. For instance, suitable videos are accompanying documentation and discussion of the last deliverable in your work package. Such work can then be included as part of the final media package for the MOLTO project, as required in Appendix X to Annex I:

To supply at the latest by the date of submission of the final report a Web enabled (or DVD based) public Showcase, and to grant the Commission the right to use the Showcase for its own dissemination and awareness activities (including Web based and electronic publications) after the completion of the project. The Showcase will feature a meaningful subset (software, data, etc.) of the functionality characterising the project demonstrator(s) arrived at, along with relevant copyright notices and contact information, and suitable installation aids and run-time interfaces.

Here's a link to our channel on Livestream:

and there's one on YouTube.


Screener account for MOLTO

Following the suggestion of Jordi, who has created two screencasts on this platform, I have now added an account for MOLTO,

If you want to try it out, let me know and I will let you have login credentials.

GFEP screencast

Hi Olga, I had made a screencast tutorial for using the GF Eclipse Plugin. It is currently hosted on my personal Vimeo channel but this would be a better place for it. You can get the video file directly from this link:

is a version on your hard-disk?

Thank you John!

If there is a version on your hard disk, does it make any sense to try to email it to the address I gave a few days ago?

Need to figure out how to let everyone upload to the channel.