March, 2010 - May, 2013


The management WP has as its objective to keep the project running, guarantee the timely delivery of status reports, monitor the economical balance, and ensure communication between the partners and between the consortium and the Commission. This work package is responsible for the overall coordination and financial management of the network. Among the duties are: directing the work to be done, monitoring the performance of the project partners, and communications with the Commission. The first deliverable is the Consortium Agreement which will define the terms of co-operation and the division of the ownership of IPRs. Together with WP10 this work package is also responsible for setting up the infrastructure for communication and dissemination. This includes a web-based system which integrates a wiki, bug tracking and software development management, a portal with both a private and a public side, and a conferencing system for the project.

Description of work

The Coordinator takes care of communication with the Commission. Each partner has a Site Leader, who participates to reporting. A part-time Project Manager takes care of day-to-day administrative management. The Site Leaders and the Project Manager constitute a Steering Group. The Steering Group will convene in connection to the project meetings, and also at need to resolve conflicts and decide on any major changes in the project. Each Work Package has a Work Package Leader. The project has a kick-off meeting plus two project meetings every year. Each of the participants will be the organizer of at least one of the meetings. See Appendix X for additional tasks, outputs and events.