MOLTO Enlarged Project to start soon

The MOLTO project is going to be enlarged, as part of the EU programme FP7 ICT Call 7 - Objective 11.3, by two new partners:

  • Be Informed, a company based in the Netherlands
  • University of Zurich.

The new partners will lead two new work-packages. The Semantic Wiki work package builds a system that integrates the functionality of the MOLTO tools with a collaborative environment, where users can create content in different languages, and all edits become immediately visible in all languages, via an automatic semantic-based translation. The Interactive Knowledge-Based System work-package puts MOLTO technology to use in an enterprise environment, for the localization of end-user oriented systems to new languages and the generation of high-quality explanations in natural language. In this work-package, translation grammars are moreover constructed by non-expert staff, of the participating company, without the intervention of grammar specialists.

The start date for the Enlarged MOLTO project has not yet been fixed but the signed Consortium Agreement has been sent today to the Commission. We will announce the official start date and that for the kick-off meeting in the coming few days. So, welcome BI and UZH.