Knowledge management software for museums

To record knowledge about paintings and painting collections by extending the CIDOC-CRM ontology to a Painting Ontology.

We will provide a software that will help archives, libraries and museums to move from “local museum databases” towards Semantic Web standards. The well-known CIDOC-CRM standard will be the main source for developing the software.

  • In general a good ontology design should recognize the differences between the domain and linguistic knowledge. However, it should be flexible enough to allow grammarians to choose any content from it and realize it in natural language.
    • Authors who are developing applications for information retrieval, information integration, knowledge management, e-learning etc. are often in the need of off-the-shelf ontologies that can be used for storage, exchange of data and reasoning. The use of standards and the availability of the Painting Ontology in from of open content will allow any author who wishes to use the ontology to do that.
    • The software infrastructure will accommodate the many different web-browsers and ontology editors that are widely used by engineers and human editors to manipulate, edit and/or automatically extract cultural heritage content.
    • The rational of the ontology development is to help ontologists to map, marge, match concepts and data with multiple ontologies.
    • The conceptual organization of the ontology will help terminologists to develop class taxonomies and populate ontologies accordingly.
    • The software development will allow computer users and on-line museum visitors to navigate and browse for cultural heritage information using their own language.


Actors' specific functionalities


would you please try to elaborate on the type of functionalities that are envisioned for each actor? I think this will help clarify the requirements of the ontology you are designing. Thanks. Olga

Requirement clarifications are now updated

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