MOLTO Project: Overview and Half-Way Results

TitleMOLTO Project: Overview and Half-Way Results
Publication TypeSlide Presentation
AuthorsRanta, A
Place PublishedMOLTO 3rd Project Meeting, Open Day, Helsinki
Year of Publication2011
Date Published09/2011
Publication LanguageEnglish
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Evaluation workflow

During your presentation, I noticed an awkward translation for the Italian sentence concerning Finnish beer :)

-- Food for thought

Short note to remind myself of discussing the following idea to carry out corrections on the translations generated by the GF applications (WP9):

  • prompt user with sample translations from treebank
  • have mouseover field to enter alternative translation (as in Google translate)
  • fetch similar sentences (as the one corrected) from treebank and reshuffle the presentation to the user in order to make sure we do not enter any wrong translation --- possibly we just need to redo all linearizations and reprint the list of treebank linearizations.

Issue: we need a criterion to reject a correction.

Who will correct the linearizations? Shall we have a self evaluation form for the reviewers? I have already entered profiles on the website for various actors in the translation workflow. I think we should try out to implement all this in the newest Drupal release (installed with their translation, localization, i18n modules.)