A Web-Based Grammar Development Environment for GF

TitleA Web-Based Grammar Development Environment for GF
Publication TypeSlide Presentation
AuthorsHallgren, T
Place PublishedZürich
Year of Publication2012
Date Published03/2012

Translation systems in MOLTO are based on multilingual grammars written in GF (Grammatical Framework). The traditional environment available to GF grammar developers consist of the GF command shell, a generic text editor and the GF documentation. This is a simple and effective environment for the experienced grammar developer. To better support less experienced grammar developers, one of the goals of the MOLTO project is to create an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for GF grammar development.

In this talk we will show a prototype of a web-based grammar development environment that provides the same core functionalities as the traditional environment: grammar editing, grammar compilation, error detection, testing and visualization. It enables the creation of web-based translation systems without installation of any software and thus gives quick access to GF to novice and occasional users.

Keywords4th Project Meeting, GF, WP2