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application/pgf as MIME type for PGF grammar

After consulting with Krasimir Angelov, and checking the naming convention for MIME types, e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_media_type, we have decided to file the content type of PGF grammars published by MOLTO as application/pgf. The GF community should discuss and decide whether to register the MIME type officially with IANA, http://www.iana.org/.

The Third GF Summer School gets sponsorship from Volkswagen Foundation

With a decision made last week, he Third GF Summer School has received a major sponsorship from VolkswagenStiftung. The school will be held in Frauenchiemsee, Bavaria, on 18-30 August. The Second Summer School, held in Barcelona in 2011, was partly sponsored by MOLTO, and the Third Summer School will support the continued development of MOLTO's ideas. It has already attracted registrations from many new universities and companies, from four continents (Africa, America, Asia, Europe).

Project Events

Project's Meetings

MOLTO's MGL presentation at e-Math 2013

Jordi Saludes and Olga Caprotti will be presenting the MOLTO Mathematical Grammar Library at the forthcoming 5th International Workshop on Mathematical e-Learning e-math 2013, that will take place at UNED, in Madrid on April 4-5, 2013. The talk, "A grammar-based approach to multilingual mathematics", will describe the latest developments of the library and try to apply it to the creation of learning resources on arithmetic of natural numbers.

MOLTO workshop on cultural heritage and linked open data

The Multilingual Museum

The workshop has been postponed to September 2013

Stockholm National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

This is an expert workshop that is intended to discuss approaches for linking museum information on the World Wide Web.

YouTube video channel for the MOLTO project

To accomodate some requests, we now have uploaded the videos streamed during FreeRBMT to the newly created moltoproject YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/moltoproject.

Consortium members wishing to upload their public lectures related to work done in MOLTO should ask Olga for the channel's credentials.


Available RSS feeds from MOLTO

In case you have not noticed, you can follow the progress of our project by subscribing to the RSS feed that is most interesting to you. To get the full list, browse our website sitemap and look for the items followed by a small orange icon, all the way to the bottom.

If members of the MOLTO Consortium tags their posts properly and consistently, then they will appear in the relevant feed. Currently, e.g.

Changing the navigation of the website

In an effort to simplify the navigation of the website, I have taken the liberty or reorganizing the menu items in the main navigation bar of the MOLTO website.

Now, under Home you will find all information concerning the project that is meant for public consumption. Under Internal Workplan are the pages used by members of the Consortium to keep the project work under administrative control.

If you are a casual browser of our website, starting from the Publications will probably yield the best results.

Photos of EAMT 2012

The photo album of the posters presentation at EAMT 2012 is available online. There was quite some interest in the project and several people stopped by to ask about the progress of MOLTO.

If you are in the photo and want to photo to be removed, drop me a line.

Upload your presentation and tag it

I finally managed to get a nicer display of publications with a certain tag (or category). In this way we can organize the dissemination per workpackage and per event.

See for instance


Please make an effort to link, tag properly work that is related to your workpackage so that we can automagically produce such listings when we need to present our results.

If necessary I can generate more compact listings too. Enjoy.

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