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Conferences, tutorials, press releases, web-related news.

MOLTO 4th Project Meeting - Demos

Planned demonstrations for the Open Day will take place in the lecture hall, in parallel with the afternoon coffee break and informally continue between 17:00-18:00 in the cafeteria. Demo presenters will be recognizable by a denim clip on their badge.

Here below short descriptions of the demonstrations.

Web IDE for GF by Thomas Hallgren

Translation systems in MOLTO are based on multilingual grammars written in GF (Grammatical Framework).

Program (7 March 2012)

MOLTO Open Day Program

The MOLTO Open Day schedules talks open to public.

MOLTO Poster presentation at the annual CLT retreat

A MOLTO poster and a demo of the GF grammar editor in the cloud by T. Hallgren and R. Enache are being delivered during the annual meeting of the CLT group of UGOT. O.

Manual evaluation of patents (and MOLTO at MTSummit)

The MTSummit 2011 has been this week, including a workshop specialised on patent translation. MOLTO has been presented with talk at the workshop.

There have been presentations of the most important patents offices and, as expected, all of them apply manual evaluation to their translations. It seems interesting to us to use similar criteria to theirs in our evaluation.

ATLAS project (Applied Technology for Language-Aided CMS)

ATLAS (Applied Technology for Language-Aided CMS, http://www.atlasproject.eu/) is a project funded by the European Commission under the CIP ICT Policy Support Programme. Its main purpose is to facilitate the multilingual Web content development and management, in particular the authoring, versioning and maintenance of multilingual Web sites.

ATLAS just released a new version of their website built with their software i-Publisher to manage and publish multilingual content.

Automatic twitter feed post from MOLTO news

The MOLTO RSS feed, at http://www.molto-project.eu/news/rss.xml is now configured to be posted to the MOLTO Twitter feed, at http://twitter.com/moltoproject, automagically using the service provided by http://twitterfeed.com.

9 March 2011 -- MOLTO Open Day

The MOLTO Open Days are meant to showcase the results and goals of the MOLTO project to the general audience and to potential users of the MOLTO technologies. Therefore, the program consists of more technical presentations, which may address also topics of theoretical nature, accompanied by demonstrations of the applications of MOLTO results.

MOLTO cooperates with META NET

MOLTO is in the process of formalizing a cooperation agreement with META NET. The first result of this cooperation is the presence of MOLTO at the META FORUM in Brussels on 17-18 November, 2010. Aarne Ranta and Olga Caprotti will be presenting MOLTO during the poster and demo session.

The MOLTO Phrasebook at SLTC 2010

A poster will be presented by O. Caprotti during the Third Swedish Language Technology Conference SLTC-2010, to be held at Linköping University, October 28-29. If you are there, come see us during the poster session on Thursday, 28 Oct. 2010 at 16.30-18.00 in the van Neumann room. The poster puffing will take place before and alas, the poster Prezi will not be shown, but here it is:

MOLTO Workshop: GF meets SMT

In the framework of MOLTO, the Statistical Machine Translation teams of UPC will be visiting Chalmers during the first week of November 2010. The goal of the workshop is to create a common understanding on how to integrate GF and SML and explore the possibilities.

Tentative Schedule

  • 1-2 Nov. 2010, Mon-Tue: introduction, hands-on with tool installation and first experiments
  • Wed-Fri: work in smaller groups; maybe some more presentations
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