Major terrible localization bug on the MOLTO website

It has recently come to our attention that the MOLTO web pages are unreachable in case the user's preferrred language set in the browser is something other than English. Know that we are currently investigating this issue.


Language negotiation

Language negotiation is the process of deciding which linguistic version to serve in case of multilingual content. This decision depends on several factors, what the user chooses when viewing, but also whether she has set a browser's language preference or a operating system's preference.

In the version of Drupal we are using for our MOLTO pages, this process is unclear and there is not a way to impose an order of preference (at least I was not able to find one). There is documentation of the setup for version 7 and 8 of Drupal, which we installed for our showcase.

In the meantime, I turned language negotiation off since it was causing fatal errors. If a page is available in multiple languages, links should appear below the content.