Your Friendly Evaluation Coordinator here...

Hi everybody,

I shall probably pester a lot of you people when looking for evaluators and asking silly questions, so I take the liberty to introduce myself:

I'm Jussi Rautio, the week-old MT Evaluation Coordinator working at the University of Helsinki tasked to evaluate the quality of MOLTO translations. I have a MA in Language Technology and General Linguistics, and about 15 years worth of experience in the localization business in which I have worked as a translator, localization PM, software localization tester and - most recently - as a localization engineer (in essence the guy that takes care of the translation tools and sees that the material to be translated is not broken before, during or after the translation). Oh, and I also used to study chemical engineering in my distant youth.

I can be reached by email ( or by phone: +358 50 368 4731.



A warm welcome from the UZH people who are looking forward to your "pestering .. and asking silly questions".

Norbert E. Fuchs Department of Informatics & Institute of Computational Linguistics University of Zurich

--- nef

Pleased to know about you

Pleased to know about you Jussi. I'm Jordi at UPC. I lead WP6 (Mathematics).

--Jordi Saludes