NLP Summer Internship at FBK (Trento, Italy)

The Human Language Technology (HLT) group at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Trento, Italy) is happy to announce the availability of internships for MA/MS and PhD students interested in carrying out research projects on NLP during our 2013 summer internship program.

The Summer Internship Program ( is an exciting opportunity for students pursuing their graduate thesis to enrich their scientific background by working directly with researchers from HLT. Together with her/his adviser, the successful student candidate will focus on a specific language technology topic. The topics are chosen such that the implementation, the experiments and the analysis of results are carried out over a few weeks period.

Motivated students with a valuable curriculum in various Natural Language Processing topics are invited to submit their application sending the CV directly to the researcher responsible for a particular topic, before May 25, 2013. Candidates should specify if they apply for financial support. A candidate is welcome to apply for more than one topic if she/he feels that she/he is qualified to. For a limited number of positions, accommodation, meals and transport expenses will be sponsored by the HLT unit.

Sample Topics:

  • Integration of Translation Memory and Machine Translation (advisor: Marcello Federico)
  • Processing tools for Dutch (advisor: Diego Giuliani)
  • Cache-based Machine Translation in CAT Tools (advisors: Nicola Bertoldi, Mauro Cettolo)
  • ...

More detailed information on the the topics and financial support are available here:

Further enquiries to:

Vivi Nastase, e-mail: hltsip AT list.fbk eu Marco Turchi, e-mail: hltsip AT list.fbk eu