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News from MOLTO

These news are posted by the MOLTO Consortium. Relevant conferences, events or new technology are likely to be covered subjects. Some news are also informally published in the MOLTO Twitter Feed.

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META Forum 2010 - Challenges for Multilingual Europe

17 Nov 2010
18 Nov 2010

META-NET is proud to announce the first META-FORUM conference event, entitled “Challenges for Multilingual Europe”. META-NET is a Network of Excellence, which is forging the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance (META) through a concerted effort to build a strong European community around Language Technologies.


Knowledge Representation Infrastructure

The modules and functionality of the MOLTO Knowledge Representation Infrastructure (KRI) is thoroughly described in D4.1 Knowledge Representation Infrastructure.

This KRI is the data modeling and manipulation backbone of the entire project, aiming to serve semi-automatic creation of abstract grammars from ontologies; deriving ontologies from grammars, and instance level knowledge from Natural Language (NL).

The MOLTO Phrasebook at SLTC 2010

A poster will be presented by O. Caprotti during the Third Swedish Language Technology Conference SLTC-2010, to be held at Linköping University, October 28-29. If you are there, come see us during the poster session on Thursday, 28 Oct. 2010 at 16.30-18.00 in the van Neumann room. The poster puffing will take place before and alas, the poster Prezi will not be shown, but here it is:

Knowledge Representation Infrastucture

Mitankin P, Ilchev A. Knowledge Representation Infrastucture. MOLTO Project Deliverable. 2010. Available at:

This is a printout version of the online document at ....

2nd Int. Workshop on Free/Open-Source Rule-Based Machine Translation -- deadline

8 Nov 2010

The Second International Workshop on Free/Open-Source Rule-Based Machine Translation will be held at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona (Spain) on 20th—21st January 2011.

The workshop website can be found at

GF meets SMT

1 Nov 2010
5 Nov 2010

November 1-5, 2010, Chalmers University of Technology

The UPC team experts in Statistical Machine Translation are visiting the GF group to work on the MOLTO project's task of making GF more robust by SMT methods.

The window of our office

The poster for MOLTO from ACL 2010 now hangs on our window. Thanks to Olga who brought the beatiful poster to Gothenburg!

Multilingual Packages of Controlled Languages: An Introduction to GF

Ranta A. Multilingual Packages of Controlled Languages: An Introduction to GF. In: CNL-2010 (2nd Workshop on Controlled Natural Language). CNL-2010 (2nd Workshop on Controlled Natural Language). Marettimo, Sicily; 2010.
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