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News from MOLTO

These news are posted by the MOLTO Consortium. Relevant conferences, events or new technology are likely to be covered subjects. Some news are also informally published in the MOLTO Twitter Feed.

To stay informed about our news, you may subscribe to our RSS Feed.

FreeRBMT on Ustream

We are trying to make our talks viewable by all interested parties by broadcasting on Ustream,

Available RSS feeds from MOLTO

In case you have not noticed, you can follow the progress of our project by subscribing to the RSS feed that is most interesting to you. To get the full list, browse our website sitemap and look for the items followed by a small orange icon, all the way to the bottom.

If members of the MOLTO Consortium tags their posts properly and consistently, then they will appear in the relevant feed. Currently, e.g.

Changing the navigation of the website

In an effort to simplify the navigation of the website, I have taken the liberty or reorganizing the menu items in the main navigation bar of the MOLTO website.

Now, under Home you will find all information concerning the project that is meant for public consumption. Under Internal Workplan are the pages used by members of the Consortium to keep the project work under administrative control.

If you are a casual browser of our website, starting from the Publications will probably yield the best results.

MOLTO Enlarged EU - Multilingual Online Translation

Caprotti O, Ranta A. MOLTO Enlarged EU - Multilingual Online Translation. In: 16th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation. 16th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation. Trento, Italy; 2012. Available at:

Photos of EAMT 2012

The photo album of the posters presentation at EAMT 2012 is available online. There was quite some interest in the project and several people stopped by to ask about the progress of MOLTO.

If you are in the photo and want to photo to be removed, drop me a line.

MOLTO at #EAMT2012

Olga, Ramona and John are at EAMT 2012 presenting the project's last year's results with 3 posters. Olga's overview poster, MOLTO - Multilingual On-Line Translation, is available during Poster Session 1 – User and Project Papers, 14:00-15:30 today as well as John's poster, GF Eclipse Plugin: an IDE for grammar development in GF, during Poster Session 2 – Project Papers at 16:00-17:30. Ramona's poster, A Hybrid System for Patent Translation, will be tomorrow during Poster Session 4 – Research Papers 16:00-17:30.

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