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News from MOLTO

These news are posted by the MOLTO Consortium. Relevant conferences, events or new technology are likely to be covered subjects. Some news are also informally published in the MOLTO Twitter Feed.

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NTIF 2012 - The Nordic Translation Industry Forum

22 Nov 2012
23 Nov 2012

NTIF 2012 will take place in Copenhagen on 22-23 November.

eJMT Special Issue on Theorem-Prover based Systems for Education

15 Sep 2012

[Note: Submission Deadline is 15 September 2012]

Special Issue of The Electronic Journal of Mathematics & Technology (eJMT) on Theorem-Prover based Systems for Education


CADGME, the Conference on Computer Algebra and Dynamic Geometry Systems in Mathematics Education, has a working group on Theorem-Prover (TP) based Systems since 2009.

Strategic Research Agenda for Multilingual Europe 2020 (SRA)

I quote an email communication interesting to all of you here below.

More than two years in the making, META-NET's first version of the Strategic Research Agenda for Multilingual Europe 2020 (SRA) was published today. This document is the result of a discussion between hundreds of experts from research and industry.

The GF Mathematical Grammar Library

Caprotti O, Saludes J. The GF Mathematical Grammar Library. In: Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics /OpenMath Workshop. 2012th ed. Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics /OpenMath Workshop.; 2012.

A new GF runtime is coming

A preview version of libpgf, a C-based reimplementation of the GF runtime, is now available. When finished, it should make GF technology accessible to applications that cannot make use of the current Haskell- and Java-based runtimes either due to resource constraints or interoperability concerns. In particular, libpgf should be easier to access from non-JVM-based programming languages. Bindings for Python are already in the pipeline.

Downloads and further information are available from the libpgf home page.

A generic text template for subdomains of a larger domain


The painting verbalization grammar, released in D8.2, is built for one ontology and the text building functions use words and expressions that are fixed for paintings. To verbalize an ontology of a different museum, for example a war museum, the grammar could be copypasted and relevant parts modified; however, a preferable solution would involve abstraction rather than repeating code.

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